manual de moral y urbanidad

Manual de moral y urbanidad #22 – Del acto de levantarnos

Manual de moral y urbanidad #22 - Del acto de levantarnos

About getting up

1. Make a habit of getting up early. [Spanish saying] “God helps those who get up early”.
2. When we wake up our first thought has to be of God, with fervor and devotion.
3. Before we get dressed we have to wash ourselves.
4. When we get out of our room we have to greet our parents and general family members with all our love.
5. If we have to get up while the others are still asleep, we have to make sure we do not disturb their slumber.
6. From when we are kids we have to make a habit of making our own beds and not expect others to do it for us.
7. After breakfast, prepare your lessons and homework, say goodbye to your parents and brothers and sisters and go to school happily.

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