manual de moral y urbanidad

Manual de moral y urbanidad #18 – Del uso del baño en general

Manual de moral y urbanidad #18 - Del uso del baño en general

About the use of the bathroom in general

1. The bathroom is where you show, first and foremost, which level of education you have. Before using it, make sure there is nobody in there. Don’t be impatient.
2. The necessities of the body are natural and necessary and to execute them require a great deal of trouble. To do it in public is typical of animals.
3. Never climb on top of the bowl, it is meant to be sat on, not to stand on.
4. Throw the used paper in the bin or the place designed to do so, never outside of it. Pour the water in the bowl by pulling the chain or similar mechanism.
5. Writing on and scratching the walls is a sign of the lowest culture and morality. To whistle and to sing when in it show little respect for others.
6. Don’t make the bathroom into a place of recreation or reading, because it is not for your exclusive personal use. Spend only the time needed in it.

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