manual de moral y urbanidad

Manual de moral y urbanidad #14 – Uso del pañuelo

Manual de moral y urbanidad #14 - Uso del pañuelo

Use of the handkerchief

1. We have to use only one side of the handkerchief so that the other side will always be clean.
2. We should use a different handkerchief for the face and sweat.
3. The handkerchief should be folded thoroughly after wiping the nose, so that the dirty part ison the inside.
4. It is filthy to spit in the handkerchief, like it is to look at it after wiping the nose.
5. If by chance you should have to wipe your nose in the presence of others, I recommend you stand aside a little bit, or at least turn away.
6. Do not ever do what some people do: clean your shoes with a handkerchief.

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