7-inch series, part 712 – Euro Cinema

Euro Cinema – Brooklyn Groove
label: Hammondbeat
year: 2009
side a: Brooklyn Groove
side b: Brother Lou |

Euro Cinema - Brooklyn Groove 7"

Back in the old country I used to be part of Bossa Boogie, together with my men Guuzbourg and Dewey Sakitumi. We threw parties every once in a while because we wanted to play records for people and nobody would invite us to do so. It was fun and at one point we started inviting bands to play at the parties. One of them was Euro Cinema, the band Tim played in, who I knew from Dutch Breakz, when it was still a mailing list, and the now defunct I believe it was their first ever gig, though the individual members had performed live before in other bands. They were pretty ace, I remember being especially impressed by the gentleman who played upright bass (not with the band anymore). He wore a suit even before the gig and he smoked cigars.

Here’s a live video of “Brother Lou”:

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