7-inch series, part 688 – Surinam All Stars

Surinam All Stars – Memre Den
label: Dureco
year: 1989
side a: Memre Den (Gedenk Hen)
side b: Mi Dofo (Zanggroep Alamofo)

Surinam All Stars - Memre Den

Single released to commemorate the SLM disaster that took place on June 7th, 1989. Among the victims were fifteen members of the Colourfull 11, a football team brought together for charity purposes and who were going to play a charity match in Paramaribo, the capital of Suriname.

As is usually the case with this kind of songs, the message is good but the packaging is pretty awful. I like the B-side a lot more.

But that’s not what this single is about, is it?

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