7-inch series, part 686 – Supermatic

Supermatic – Bumrush the Sound
label: Go Bang!
year: 1991
side a: Bumrush the Sound
side b: Power of the Dark Side

Supermatic - Bumrush the Sound 7"

Ah yes, the Go Bang! sound. Wasn’t really a big fan at the time, I must admit, but it was pretty exciting anyway. D-Shake (who is now called Alex Cortiz) was one of the DJs who had a show at the Amsterdam FM radio station where my man Fernand and I hosted a Friday morning show called Vibes (yeh, really), and many of the other Amsterdam spinners did their thing there as well. Which came in handy when chatting up girls, “yeah I have a radio show at AFM, you know where Paul Jay and Per and so on are playing. Yeah they’re really cool guys” even though I hardly ever saw them. By the time they actually heard our show it was too late.

I went to some of Per’s parties in some big warehouse in the middle of nowhere and they were pretty good. The gabber sound was developing, which I found pretty boring, but the stuff that later became jungle was awesome.

Supermatic’s sound now doesn’t seem so loud but at the time it was a bit. Even though I liked all that Go Bang! stuff a lot this is one of the few releases on it I own.

“Bumrush the Sound” video.

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