7-inch series, part 685 – Superball 63/Mickey Finn

Superball 63/Mickey Finn – Cinderblock/Plasterfeet
label: Big Money
year: 1993
side a: Superball 63 – Cinderblock
side b: Mickey Finn – Plasterfeet

I don’t know anything about these two bands except that:
1. they were from the Minneapolis hardcore scene
2. Mickey Finn have nothing fe do with the British deejay/producer with the same name
3. nor with the drink/drug
4. nor with the Chicago bartender who gave his name to aforementioned drink/drug
5. nor with the comic
6. nor with the T.Rex band member
7. nor with the writer Ernest Jarrold who used the name as a pseudonym
8. nor with the beer brewery

unless they named themselves after any of the above, of course.

There’s an old email interview with Superball 63 to be found here.

2 replies on “7-inch series, part 685 – Superball 63/Mickey Finn”

Dana from Mickey Finn was the person who turned me on to T. Rex by playing The Slider, so I think it’s pretty likely they were named after the drummer of that band. John Pucci from Mickey Finn was the younger brother of Tony Pucci of Twin Cities bands Man Sized Action and Breaking Circus. Mickey Finn’s full-length record 3 On a Match has a great cover version of Michael Jackson’s “Shake Your Body Down To the Ground” under the title “Dance and Shout.”

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