7-inch series, part 676 – Strawberry Switchblade

Strawberry Switchblade – Since Yesterday
label: WEA
year: 1984
side a: Since Yesterday
side b: By the Sea (fan site) |

Another example of my being a sucker for girl groups and/or bubblegum pop. This is the only hit Strawberry Switchblade ever had, which is why they are considered a one-hit wonder. The track is included on their only (self-titled) album from 1984.

Apart from being linked to The KLF‘s Bill Drummond (who recorded their frist single “Trees and Flowers” and got them signed to Korova, a sublabel of Warner Music), one half of the duo, Rose McDowall, has exercised her vocal and other musical skills for a number of bands such as Sorrow, Coil, Psychic TV, Felt and Primal Scream, to name but a few.

“Since Yesterday” video.

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