7-inch series, part 675 – The Stranglers

The Stranglers – Always the Sun
label: Epic
year: 1986
side a: Always the Sun
side b: Norman Normal

I thought I had the “Golden Brown” single as well, but I guess I haven’t. These are The Stranglers at their poppiest, I have to admit I am not completely familiar with their tougher work. Apart from “No More Heroes”, “Always the Sun” and “Golden Brown” the band were never that successful in my home country, which is probably why I never investigated more on them.

But it’s never too late, right? Especially when today, March 1st, Decades Apart is supposedly released, 36 years after The Guildford Stranglers being formed. As good a time as any to get more acquainted, I’d say.

“Always the Sun” video.

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