7-inch series, part 674 – The Stone Roses

The Stone Roses – Fools Gold 4.15
label: Silvertone
year: 1989
side a: Fools Gold 4.15
side b: What The World Is Waiting For

The Stone Roses – Pearl Bastard
label: Silvertone
year: 1989
side a: Pearl Bastard

The other day bassist Mani was playing records at the horribly named Independance Club here in Madrid. Danced like a madman with a bunch of friends who are almost as old as me. He was playing a Greatest Hits From The Early Days Of Rave set, including the fantastic “Voodoo Ray” and, err, “Ebeneezer Goode”. Naughty naughty, very naughty.

“Pearl Bastard” is a one-sided single included as a bonus with the vinyl version of the twentieth anniversary edition of the The Stone Roses album released last year.

“Fools Gold” video.

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