manual de moral y urbanidad

Manual de moral y urbanidad #1 – Portada

The “Manual de moral y urbanidad” (”morality and courtesy manual”) is a little book I found in the attic at my parents’. My stepfather is Spanish and he was handed the book when he was in primary school, courtesy of El Caudillo and the catholic church. Because we are living in times of moral decay and also because I find it hilarious, I am offering you its pages without so much as considering paying one euro dime to the ones holding the copyright to it, including an English translation of the pearls of wisdom included in the book.

You’re welcome.

Manual de moral y urbanidad - portada

(Oh and yes, I have started publishing it on these pages several times in the past but somehow I never quite made it past the first ten or fifteen pages – there are 60 -. This time it’s for real, though. Honest, guv.)

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Hello, that will be nice if you could share with me the full pdf of the Morality book. Thank you in advance

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