manual de moral y urbanidad

Manual de moral y urbanidad #3 – Introducción

Manual de moral y urbanidad - Introducción

Dear friend:

I know that you’re good, but you’ll be even better if you read this book with love and attention.

It is dedicated to you with all my soul, with all the emotion of a teacher. I want you to be an example for those around you. I want you to be the biggest hope for the Fatherland, and therefore it is my deepest wish that you drink the crystal clear water of morality, religion and courtesy.

Morality is the science that teaches us the practice of good, for only then can we be honourable and happy.

Do good under all circumstances in life. Be good to yourself and everybody else.

Embellish your existence with virtue, for it will bring you happiness, which is a pure emotion; better said, a deep satisfaction which comes from doing good.

Religion bring you closer to God, and as you well know, no word exists in the human language to express his greatness.

Courtesy makes for a better education, for if you observe its rules you will come to better deeds, show better behaviour, have better manners.

At this crucial time, with a morality crisis at hand, I offer you this modest work wholeheartedly.

The writer.

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