manual de moral y urbanidad

Manual de moral y urbanidad #12 – El aseo del cuerpo, cara, manos y pies

Hygiene of the body, face, hands and feet

Good hygiene contributes to good health. Bad hygiene leads to disease.

1. Bathing is necessary, because it signifies good corporal hygiene.

2. Not only when we get up in the morning, but as often as possible, we have to wash our face with soap and rinse twice. The same goes for the eyes, ears, neck, etc.

3. We must wash our hair at least twice a week. We cannot leave it at pouring some water over our heads and combing our hair.

4. It is unacceptably negligent to let our hair grow long and to not comb it. We must comb our hair as many times as necessary.

5. The hands need to be washed frequently: when we get up, before and after eating, when we go to sleep, because the are constantly exposed to dirt and infection.

6. We must not forget the hygiene of the feet. That way we will avoid sweat and bad odours. It is convenient to daily change stockings or socks.

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