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E.P.D. Lux Interior

luxinterior.jpgI know, I know, it’s way too late for this, but still. Guuz is right. He said he was shocked not to see an I.M. of Lux Interior here. Shame on me.
Not only because of all the very, very good times I’ve enjoyed listening to, dancing to and seeing The Cramps, but also because I kind of owe my present cell phone to The Cramps. I won it because the Revu magazine saw fit to publish (part of) the 7-inch entry about my Cramps 45s.
In my defence, I did post something on my Facebook page. But it’s not the same, is it?
So yeah, Lux Interior died. I salute you, Lux.
Thank you for the music and the good times.
And for the phone.

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