manual de moral y urbanidad

Manual de moral y urbanidad #10 – Deberes para con nuestra alma

Manual de moral y urbanidad - Deberes para con nuestra alma

Duties with our soul

Among the most important duties with our soul we have:

1. Intelligence, which is a part of the soul, grows and perfects through study. We therefor must study with love and perseverance.

2. We must not lie, neither out of fear nor out of hope. On the contrary, we must defend the truth, dignity and sincerity.

3. Let us not be cowards and hypocrites. Let us have the courage to defend the truth.

4. Let us not be proud. Let us be modest under all circumstances in life. Let us not abuse of each other’s qualities nor of each other’s social position.

5. Let us learn to cope with misfortune. Let us learn to tolerate the weaknesses of others. That is called to be patient.

6. Let us fortify our will, our character. Let us control our impulses and emotions, which are almost always the cause of many bad things and disappointments.

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