manual de moral y urbanidad

Manual de moral y urbanidad #9 – Deberes para con nosotros mismos

Manual de moral y urbanidad - Deberes para con nosotros mismos

Duties with ourselves

Duties with our body. – Among the most important duties with our body we have:

1. Let us take good care of our health. Let us take good care of the life that God has given us. Let us not forget that our “health depends more on prevention than on curing”.
2. Personal hygiene, or the cleaning of the body, is a moral duty and a pleasant social quality.
3. We ought to eat and drink with moderation. That is called soberness. Each excess means guaranteed damage to our health.
4. We have to strengthen our body with gymnastics and adecuate outdoor physical excersise.
5. We have to work, for it is not only an activity but a duty. To work is noble and honourable. It is the only means to battle against addiction, shame and misery.
6. We must benefit from good times. We must not forget foresight, the economy and saving.
7. Let us banish and reject every kind of addiction, for they are terrible and dangerous.
8. Like we need food, clothing and housing, we also need advice and lessons from persons with more experience and wisdom than ourselves.

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