manual de moral y urbanidad

Manual de moral y urbanidad #5 – Deberes para con la familia

Manual de moral y urbanidad - Deberes para con la familia

Duties with the family

The family is the gathering of the father, the mother and the children, who live under one roof; ie in the same house.
To our parents we owe our lives. They worry about us constantly, they sacrifice theirselves for our happiness. If they could, they would give us heaven in our hands.
Therefore we have to love them dearly. We must always respect and obey them. We must be worthy of their sacrifices. Let us never be like those ungrateful children who forget and abandon their parents during the most difficult times and, above all, when they are old and need us the most.
The love of a son or daughter is the first and purest of human feelings.
Brothers and sisters must love and help each other. Between them, there must never be jealousy or selfishness. The older brothers or sisters must protect the younger ones and take care of them, and should they become orphans, they will be like parents.
We also owe love, respect and obedience to the grandparents, uncles and aunts, cousins and other family members.
At home, love, understanding and harmony must rule.

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