manual de moral y urbanidad

Manual de moral y urbanidad #6 – Deberes escolares

Manual de moral y urbanidad - Deberes escolares

School duties

School is a sanctuary of virtue and science. It is our second home. The teachers are our second parents and our class mates are our brothers and sisters, within the big school family.

The students owe their teachers love, obedience, respect and gratitude, for from them they receive invaluable advantages.

The teachers complement the work of the parents, who are the first educators of their children.

The students also have obligations to each other. Between them there must be harmony and respect, and most of all they must love each other, without letting jealousy and disloyalty into their hearts.

The good students must attend school punctually and they must dedicate themselves fully to study.

I owe more to Aristotle, my master, than to Philip, my father: the latter gave me an empire, and the former taught me how to govern it.
Alexander [the Great]

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