manual de moral y urbanidad

Manual de moral y urbanidad #8 – Deberes cívicos

Manual de moral y urbanidad - Deberes cívicos

Civic duties

Our homeland is the beautiful land where we’re born.

Homeland are our blessed symbols; our woods are it, our rivers, our streets, our houses.

Homeland is all that is ours, it is all that we must want, it is all that we must never forget.

If we are good citizens we must love our homeland, not with words, but with deeds. We must respect it and serve it.

Out of love for our homeland we must study with devotion, to prepare ourselves better en to be better citizens.

If one loves his homeland we must respect its laws and live by them, even though they might not please us. As the Romans said: “Though the law is tough we must obey it as long as it’s the law.”

If we really love our homeland we must be honourable fulfilling our duties; we must respect and obey the authorities; we must honour our heroes who have sacrified their lives to give us a free homeland.

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