Yeh so I switched to WordPress. I feel guilty towards Movable Type with which I have been so happy for so many years, but ever since the huge update they did a while ago, with all the changes in template structure and what not, I just got a bit tired of it. I couldn’t really be arsed to study the new stuff any more – I’m really very shitty with stuff like “logical thinking”, maths, science, blah, and that new structure was doing my head in.

So I’m on WordPress now, and I must say it was so easy to install and tweak that I can’t help but think I should have switched when Fraser told me I should.

Oh well. I’ll start doing the 7-inch thing again later this week.

4 replies on “Changez!”

Ben ook aan het dubben over mn blog, ik vind mn oldskool layout wel oke maar kan der steeds minder mee. Maar je bent wel helemaal mee met het grijze hip van tegenwoordig 😉

vraag het me niet, maar dit is al derde blog deze week (nou ja en vorige week) die op grijs gaat 🙂 helemaal op zwart gaan is bij misschien ook wel een optie.

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