muziq Podcast

All Your Bass Are Belong to Us

The Pod is back.
Got bass?
Ronny & Renzo – Uniqorns (Quiet Village Remix) [King Kung Foo]
Intrusion – Seduction [Intrusion]
Shape Of Broad Minds – Lullabanger [Lex]
Beaulove – Peach [Appletree]
Flying Lotus – Spicy Sammich [Warp]
Burial – Southern Comfort [Hyperdub]
Kuma – Dawn Stepped Outside (Horsepower MK7 Mix) [Immerse]
Stereotyp Meets Tikiman Jahman [G-Stone]
Cluekid – Soul Vibe [Soul Jazz]
TRG – Surreal (5 AM) [Tempa]

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