7-inch series, part 665 – Spencer Davis Group

Spencer Davis Group – I’m a Man
label: Fontana
year: 1967
side a: I’m a Man
side b: I Can’t Get Enough of It

Once again it was brother Guuz who turned me on to this song. It was of course on one of the many tapes he made me and I absolutely loved it from the second that bassline entered my ears. To this day the song makes me want to wobble that gut of mine and I don’t think it’ll ever change. Whenever I go out to spin some records, this one is in the bag and it will be played.

Steve Winwood was nineteen when he sang this but he sounds like he’s thirty something, dunnee? It was right before he left the band to form Traffic.

The Spencer Davis Group reformed a couple of years ago, albeit with Spencer Davis and Eddie Hardin as the only original members. At present, the SDG consists of Davis, Tom Fillman, Edward Tree, Jim Blazer and Taras Prodaniuk.

PS: check out the seventeen minute disco version done by Italian star Macho.

Video of “I’m a Man” played live on Finnish TV, 1967.

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