7-inch series, part 661 – Speak Low

Speak Low – Thriller
label: Lovemonk
year: 2006
side a: Thriller
side b: Unusual Tatami


Speak Low – Soul Is What You Got
label: Lovemonk
year: 2009
side a: Soul Is What You Got
side b: I Don’t Need No… What?


“The best funk & soul band in Europe” we call them at Lovemonk HQ, and we’re probably right (duh). On stage, Speak Low are pretty hard to beat.
The tracks on these here two 45s can be found on Hands Up!, the album released earlier this year on CD. “Thriller” (yes indeed, that “Thriller”) is the first single in the Marulasoulfood series, a collaboration between Lovemonk and our dear friends of Marula. There is a recipe on the sleeve for tuna crepes filled with pistachos and pink peppers, courtesy of the Taverna Siciliana from Madrid. Tasty!

Video of “Thriller” played live at El Sol, June 2009.

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