7-inch series, part 657 – Soul II Soul

Soul II Soul
label: Ten
year: 1990
side a: People
side b: Feelin’ Free


I bought a totally cool Soul II Soul shirt at Maz & Paul Jay‘s Wild! shop on the Kerkstraat in Amsterdam and a few weeks later I was deejaying in Amsterdam for the first time at the Queens Day event the radio station I was working at was having outside the building on the Rembrandtplein. We were broadcasting live and I was playing these very hot tunes and people were dancing and I was wearing this totally cool shirt and there were two lovely ladies looking at me and smiling and I was twenty years old and I felt like a king. When I came back to my two by three meter shack that morning I looked at my totally cool shirt on the bed and I thought shit I’m so stoned I can’t even see the beautiful Soul II Soul print on it, but when I woke up the print still wasn’t there, or only half and it turned out it had gone after washing it the wrong way so it was ruined and I felt like a prick because it had cost me way too much money and I had been prancing around in it all night feeling like a king.

Great record though that first Soul II Soul album. Very much lived up to its title.

Here’s a video of another Soul II Soul classic, “Keep on Movin'”.

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