7" muziq

7-inch series, part 652

Soft Cell – Torch
label: Vertigo
year: 1982
side a: Torch
side b: Insecure Me | |


I knew a guy who looked a lot like Marc Almond, to the point that I started confusing them, as in stop listening to Soft Cell because the guy was such a prick. The guy I knew, I mean, not Marc Almond. I don’t know Marc Almond personally. He is probably a really nice man. Or maybe he’s a prick, too. Who knows? I got over it, anyway. Soft Cell were ace. ARE ace, because they’re back together, it seems.

“Torch” and “Say Hello, Wave Goodbye” are my favourite Soft Cell tracks.
By the way.

Video of “Torch” psuedo-live on the Beeb.

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