7" muziq

7-inch series, part 651

The Smiths – Girlfriend in a Coma
label: Rough Trade
year: 1987
side a: Girlfriend in a Coma
side b: Work Is a Four Letter Word


I really liked The Smiths but I never was a huge fan, you know like those people writing stuff on their school bags or wherever about meat and lights that never go out and getting romantically killed in bus accidents or boys with thorns in their sides. And the only 45 I bought by them was “Bigmouth Strikes Again”, which some fucker stole from me, or it got lost anyway. (If someone did steal it: give it back, you cheeky bastard). I bought it after I spent a night dancing and being madly in love at the Altstadt in Eindhoven where they played the song twice or maybe even more, or maybe I just remember it that way.

But this single is not “Bigmouth Strikes Again”, it’s “Girlfriend in a Coma” and it’s not one of my favourite Smiths songs. It’s my brother Ed’s, who gave me his vinyls on the condition I would burn them onto CDs, which I still haven’t. Sorry about that, Ed. I’ll try to do it before Christmas.

The only time I saw the band play live was on telly at some MTV charity event. I saw the Mozzfather play live, but that was after The Smiths’ demise, so that doesn’t count.

Oh well.

Video of “Girlfriend in a Coma”.

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