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7-inch series, part 649

Smashing Pumpkins – The Siamese Singles
label: Virgin/Hut
year: 1994
side 1a: Cherub Rock
side 1b: Purr Snickety |

7-smashingpk-box1 7-smashingpk-box2

side 2a: Today
side 2b: Apathy’s Last Kiss


side 3a: Disarm
side 3b: Siamese Dream


side 4a: Rocket
side 4b: Never Let Me Down


I thought I was buying the whole Siamese Dream album on 7″ but that would have been too much, wouldn’t it? Still, precious item in my collection, even though these songs will never have the same impact on me that Gish and Lull had. I was blown away by those records. After Siamese Dream I sort of stopped listening, the Melon Collie album was a bit too much for me, though I do like it in hindsight. Maybe I was just being a petty prick because the lady I was seeing at the time just wouldn’t stop going on about them – it got pretty annoying at one point. But hey, that’s what being a fan is all about, right? Being annoying.

Here’s a video of Smashing Pumpkins on the Muppet Show. Glorious.

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