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7-inch series, part 639

Het Simplisties Verbond (Heer Kooten en Heer Bie) – Zoek jezelf
label: Simplisties Verbond
year: 1975
side a: Zoek jezelf
side b1: Oh Lord
side b2: I Will Catch Your Cold


The first time I left my home country to live in Spain for the rest of my life I was nineteen. I had it all planned out: dropped out of school, moved around a bit, got a job on Tenerife which would get me shitloads of money in a short time and then take my savings to the Spanish mainland to start living the good life in Barcelona. I was not going back to The Netherlands, except for family visits at Christmas. I believed it (kind of) and my friends believed it, too, or at least they pretended to do so. They made me a couple of goodbye tapes – Guuz and Pieter did, and Erwin and Jeroen – great songs about saying goodbye, going in search of a better life full of adventure and crazy love, friendship forever and finding oneself, presented by the boys talking between the tracks (funny how both couples used the same concept independent of each other). I loved those tapes, played them to death, and I still have them.

One of the songs on E&J’s tape was “Zoek jezelf” by Heer Koot & Heer Bie. The title translates as “Look for yourself” and the lyrics talked about exactly that. They’re funny and serious at the same time, and I always found it one of the highlights on the tape, which had “Don’t Let the Sun Catch You Crying” by Gerry And The Pacemakers on it, “Don’t Think Twice It’s Alright” by Bob Dylan, “Don’t Pass Me By” by The Beatles, etc. The music is actually Gene Thomas’ (that’s Gene Thomas, not Gene Thomas) “Lay It Down”, a song performed by loads of artists like Waylon Jennings, The Everly Brothers or Tina Turner.

Video of Koot & Bie as Jacobse en Van Es. It’s a Dutch thing, you wouldn’t understand.

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