7" muziq

7-inch series, part 637

Silvarez And Scorpio – Papageno
label: Passe-Partout
year: ?
side a: Papageno
side b: Halali


This is one of the four 45s I got as a goodbye present from the lovely Margot aka Polly d’Or when I left Antwerp for Madrid (the other three are here, here and here, although that last one I had already). I didn’t know Silvarez And Scorpio, and the only info I have on them is that the songs were written by Noël Lambré and Marco Varez, two composers who have written music for quite a few Belgian artists, most of them from the chanson genre.

“Papageno” and “Halali” are two curious little ditties that are perfect for the Planeet Polly radio show Margot let me participate in on Antwerp’s finest radio station Radio Centraal, which as far as I know is still going strong on Fridays from 6 to 7 pm.

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