7" muziq

7-inch series, part 636

Shy Child – Drop the Phone
label: PIAS/Wall of Sound
year: 2007
side a: Drop the Phone
side b: Down on Yourself


A couple years ago I was in my favourite Antwerp record shack and the über friendly Miss D. handed me this 45 saying she ordered the single knowing that I would appreciate it. Which was a smart move on her side as I could not refuse to buy it anymore, no matter how much I would hate the music. Fortunately, I quite liked it. Or did I force myself to like it, so Miss D. wouldn’t be upset? Did I really fall for that? For fuck’s sake.

A couple of months after that I was at Sónar and Señorlobo said there was a party going on at the bar of some beachside hotel, and we should all go there. Shy Child were playing so we thought what the hell, why not?

Well, the party was terrible is why not. The place was terrible, the lights were terrible, there weren’t too many people at it and those who were were not at all interested in the music – I remember a bunch of toddlers eating each others’ faces. And the sound, bloody hell, the sound. Terrible.
And Shy Child, well. I really wanted to like them, but the sheer volume absolutely ruined it for me. They weren’t particularly good, but that’s not a big problem if the night is fun. But it wasn’t.

So we ran.

Video of “Drop the Phone”.

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