7" muziq

7-inch series, part 632

Shinju-Gumi – Blindwhisper
label: Artefact
year: 1998
side a: Blindwhisper
side b: Beyond Hypothermia


Shinju-Gumi – Deadringer
label: Artefact
year: 1998
side a: Deadringer
side b: Homesick


I think I got these from the now sadly defunct USA Import store in Antwerp, but I’m not sure. Could also be from the also dearly missed Ama Records in Madrid, which makes slightly more sense as at the time these two singles were released I was living in Spain. Doesn’t really matter. I have nothing else by this French artist, and I must say I haven’t heard very much from him since.

But that’s probably me, for he released the album Dissecting a Ghost in 1999 which was remixed by several biggies and his praise was sung by people I admire such as Carl Craig and DJ Spooky. Not much more is known about Frédéric Paul, as his mère called him upon giving birth to him. Not by me, anyways. I do like these four tracks though, they remind me of back in the day when we hardly did anything more than smoke dope and listen to this kind of filmic, trippy instrumental hip-hop stuff.

Apparently the man is now recording his second album.

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