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7-inch series, part 629

Shampoo – Delicious
label: Food
year: 1995
side a: Delicious
side b: Kinky Ken


I found their “Trouble” single quite funny, which is probably the reason why I got this 45. That, and my fondness of girl groups. Their singing reminded me a bit of We’ve Got A Fuzzbox And We’re Gona Use It before they went all slick.

“Delicious” was their fifth single, but by then the shine of their big hit had worn off a bit. Except in Japan. The track is off their first album We Are Shampoo, which was re-released two years ago including six B-sides.

Video of Shampoo doing a playback of “Delicious” on Sapnish TV.

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oh help, Shampoo. I actually had the single (think it was a cassette when they were popular for two years or so). Never occured to me that they made music after that single 🙂

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