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7-inch series, part 628

Shaggy – Oh Carolina
label: Greensleeves
year: 1992
side a: Oh Carolina (Radio Version)
side b: Oh Carolina (Raas Bumba Claat Version) |


Should there be such thing as a “guilty pleasure”? I don’t think anyone should be ashamed of whatever music, television series and so on he or she likes. Yet, one is sometimes, isn’t one? Well, most of the people are, anyway. I get funny looks when people spot this single in my collection, and I sometimes feel the need to defend it, when actually there is nothing to defend. This song is great. Shaggy does a good job revisiting the 1960 Folkes Brothers classic, which is seen as a key song in the history of ska and reggae music. Produced by the legendary Prince Buster, the Folkes Brothers (also listed as “Folks Brothers”) were a mento group who Buster stuck in one studio with the equally legendary rastafarian drummer Count Ossie and his group of nyabinghi drummers and percussionists. The two Jamaican domestic styles mixed with a bit of American jazz and R&B gave birth to a whole new genre.

Shaggy pimped it, adding a sample of Henry Mancini‘s “Peter Gunn Theme” and doing a dirty version on the B-side (“raas bumba claat”, or “rass bumbo clot” are basically a couple of Jamaican swear words with several meanings, all NSFW), which he forgot to mention to the devout christian John Folkes. The man was not amused and even sued Shaggy and record labels Greensleeves and Virgin, to no avail.

Video of Shaggy’s “Oh Carolina”.

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there is music that is even worse than a guilty pleasure, but Shaggy is nowhere near that place. anyway did not know is wasn’t an original, so will check it our when we are still allowed.

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