7" muziq

7-inch series, part 625

Sebadoh – Soul and Fire
label: Sub Pop
year: 1993
side a1: Soul and Fire
side a2: Reject
side b1: Sister
side b2: Bouquet for a Siren


We were young and incredibly puerile, but my then friend M. and I thought in all our stonedness we were being very funny shouting out titles of Dinosaur Jr songs at a Sebadoh gig, just to see if Lou Barlow would get annoyed, or started to cry or something. When other people around us who were just as idiotic started following our example we stopped it though. And then went to the back of the venue because we felt, well, rather stupid. Barlow looked slightly annoyed though. But then again, he always does, doesn’t he? And he probably didn’t hear us, anyway. Said he, trying to shush his guilty conscience.

Anyways. “Soul and Fire” is a beautiful break-up song. It is said that when Barlow’s ex heard it she was so affected by it that she returned with him. Which is nice. The track comes from the Bubble and Scrape album, as do “Sister” and “Bouquet for a Siren”, albeit in different versions. “Reject” is a cover of the song by punk band The Necros.

Video of “Soul and Fire” played live.

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