7-inch series, part 624 – Jimmy Screech

Jimmy Screech – Let’s Get Moving
label: Banana Klan
year: 2005
side a: Let's Get Moving
side b: Jim Screech |


Jimmy Screech/K-Sly ft. Jimmy Screech – Live Love and Learn/In This Life
label: Banana Klan
year: 2005
side a: Jimmy Screech – Live Love and Learn
side b: K-Sly feat. Jimmy Screech – In This Life


Two from Roots Manuva‘s Banana Klan label. Screech was taken under Roots Manuva’s wings in 2005 starting with the Awfully Deep tour, and after “Let’s Get Moving” the MC has come to be a household name on the British hip-hop and ragga scene. His second album The Remedy is about to be released.

K-Sly is also known as Unknown MC and used to be a member of the notorious Hijack crew out of Brixton. He is co-founder of the highly succesful Soulfood imprint, one of the big players in UK garage.

I got these singles from brother Dewey‘s Killa Cutz store and was mighty happy with them. Mostly because I really like them, of course, but I’m not afraid to admit that my inner record collector was overcome with joy to lay his greasy little hands on the three (the third one being Ricky Ranking & Roots Manuva’s “Doogoo Machine”) soon-to-be hard-to-find first releases on Banana Klan – everything fi do with Roots Manuva has to be good and therefore has to become part of my collection. Yes, that’s stupid, but as the great Tony Soprano used to say: what are you gonna do?

Video of Jimmy Screech live @ Scala, London

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