7" muziq

7-inch series, part 621

The Scene – Sex
label: Scene
year: 1986
side a: Sex
side b:
Sex Edit


It took me a while to appreciate pop and rock music in Dutch. I was about seventeen and with the exception of the ever fabulous Doe Maar I had a real hard time finding rock bands singing in my mother tongue anything other than tres uncool. It was just one of those silly hang-ups some teenagers suffer from. It passed (I’ll elaborate on that further down the road, when it’s time to post the Kecks singles), and I even became a fan of some bands singing in Dutch. Like The Scene, although this is the only vinyl by them I own. And if you’re wondering why a group singing in one language would have a name in an other language, they started out singing in English.

“Sex” is my favourite Scene song, and not only because I have it in my collection. I like the lyrics (they’re about a guy who’s about to visit a prostitute. At least, that’s my interpretation), I like the raw sound – when they became kind of famous in The Netherlands their sound had smoothened quite a bit. The song was re-recorded two years later for their third album Rij Rij Rij.

Video of “Blauw”, their first hit song (1990).

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