7" muziq

7-inch series, part 617

Salad – Motorbike to Heaven
label: Island Red
year: 1995
side a: Motorbike to Heaven
side b:
Diary Hell
I don’t think Salad were very big in The Netherlands, and maybe they weren’t big anywhere. Although maybe they were a bit in the UK. I quite liked this single (still do, only now it’s mostly because the sound reminds me so much of the era during which it was released), and for reasons I don’t remember I found it intriguing that the singer, Marijne van der Vlugt was the daughter of Dutch actor Bram van der Vlugt. She did a show on MTV but I’ve never seen it because I was living in Spain at the time – apparently it was alright. I think these are the only two Salad songs I know.
The band called it quits in 1998 and now Marijne is in Cowboy Racer (one of the other members used to be in The Boredoms fuck yeah!), the last thing the world has heard from former bandmate Charley Stone was his work with Spy51 and Rob Wakeman and Pete Brown are running the BoreMe website.
Video of “Motorbike to Heaven”.

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My understanding was that Cowboy Racer was going to bring out new material soonish, but that said the email saying this was about a year ago. Anyway these songs passed me by as I primarily know Salad from “Drink The Elixir” being a Studio Brussel listener in those days. I think Drink Me is still available in the UK as I did see the album last year in a record store.

marijne’s brother floris is a very good sax player. he plays in (among others) quincey, wicked jazz sounds band and the renske taminiau band. i axed him a few months ago about marijne, but he said she’d never go into the music biz again. (i told floris that i liked her gainsbourg-cover, he looked at me strange. rightly so, because not marijne, but simone angel recorded a gainsbourg-cover, bb’s contact to be precise)

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