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7-inch series, part 616

Raphael Saadiq – The Way I See It
label: Columbia
year: 2008
side 1a: Sure Hope You Mean It
side 1b:
Just One Kiss (ft. Joss Stone)
side 2a:
100 Yard Dash
side 2b:
side 3a:
Keep Marchin’
side 3b:
Let’s Take a Walk
side 4a:
Big Easy
side 4b:
side 5a:
Love That Girl
side 5b:
Oh Girl
side 6a:
Staying in Love
side 6b:
Never Give You up (ft. Stevie Wonder & CJ Hilton)
side 7a:
Oh Girl (ft. Jay-Z)
side 7b:
Seven |
7-saadiqraphael-way7.jpg  7-saadiqraphael-wayisee.jpg
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I love albums released as 7-inch box sets. And I got this one as a present, too. Much obliged, hermano Aguuzto.
In the nineties I sometimes saw posters or flyers in the centre of Amsterdam announcing a party or whatever, and among the names of performing artists there was this name (which I don’t remember) with “from Tony! Toni! Toné!” stuck to it. I always thought it looked stupid. Cheap. I don’t know. I also thought the fact that person used to belong to Tony! Toni! Toné! could hardly be a recommendation, as I thought they were shite.
When I listen to it now, I hear a couple of good tracks but I still can’t get used to the slow ones especially. And that digital sound, can’t handle it. That new jack swing was never really my thing. It’s weird though, because there’s loads of other digital stuff I do like.
Raphael Saadiq (from Tony! Toni! Toné!) has since produced and worked with some class people such as (to name but a few) D’Angelo, The Roots, Amp Fiddler, John Legend and the highly overrated Joss Stone, who’s on this release, returning the favour. He was also behind Lucy Pearl, with Ali Shaheed Muhammad (from A Tribe Called Quest) and Dawn Robinson (from En Vogue). The Way I See It is his fourth (and pretty great) solo album. Each single in this box comes with its own sleeve and the box itself has the album’s artwork. Classy!
The last track is not on the CD and LP versions. Which is nice.
Video of “100 Yard Dash”.

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