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7-inch series, part 609

Les Rythmes Digitales – Kontakte
label: Wall of Sound
year: 1996
side a: Kontakte
side b:
I was rather pleased with myself when I got in touch with Wall of Sound to offer them an exclusive distribution deal for Spain and Portugal (which they took), before even the Barcelonese hipsters had gotten to them, which was surprising as they were pretty quick in those days. Same story with Mo’Wax, by the way.
As I said, rather pleased with myself.
Of course, the whole thing lasted about five minutes, as the word “exclusive” is just that in the music bizz: a word. And the Barcelonese hipsters were better equipped to take care of labels like those, because they were specialized in the whole electronic dancy clubby stuff, whereas we were the meisters of the punk and rock ‘n roll scene.
But I wanted them badly, because they were so ace. And it was the music we were freaking out to on Madrid dancefloors such as Bali Hai, Kathmandu and Nature. Also, they would provide me with free promo copies of all their releases way before they came out so we could play them out and feel like kings behind the turntables. Which we weren’t, by the way.
This super duper white label promo 7-inch by Stuart Price AKA Jacques Lu Cont‘s first project. The A-side is taken from the first album Libération, the B-side is, I think, exclusive (…) to this release and its CD counterpart.
Video of “(Hey You) What’s That Sound?”, from Les Rythmes Digitales’ second album Dark Dancer.

One reply on “7-inch series, part 609”

dat is een heel mooi plaatje idd. Ik heb ’em ook…..nee niet de promo, zo cool was ik toen niet. Een kant beetje filmisch en de ander een lichte dnb, ik moet hem weer eens opzoeken en draaien

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