7" muziq

7-inch series, part 607

Various Artists – Ruff Stuff
label: Demolition
year: ?
side a1: The Zeros – Wanna Go
side a2:
The Skulls – Help Against Your Will
side b1:
Permanent Green Light – Honestly
side b2:
White Flag – Grace Me
Don’t know what year this came out but it must be late eighties or early nineties. Demolition was a sublabel of Munster Records, but Ruff Stuff is actually a Gasatanka Records sampler, and Gasatanka was Bill Bartell AKA Pat Fear’s label, who was in White Flag and earned an honest living as a CHiP. I met him when working for Munster’s then distributor – a nice man with an impressive, well-groomed tache. He’s still playing with the band, in fact, he’s the only original member.
Of these four bands, White Flag and The Zeros are the only ones I have seen live – which was nice. El Vez was in The Zeros. Apparently, they re-united. As did The Skulls, one of L.A.’s first punk rock bands. They called it quits for the second time in 2006. Permanent Green Light did that a good ten years earlier.
Video of The Zeros being interviewed and playing, err, “live” on TV in 1977. Check out that wild drummer! Check out that really young El Vez (on the right)!

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