7" muziq

7-inch series, part 600

Rodolfo Y Su Típica/Gabriel Romero – La Colegiala/La Subienda
label: RCA
year: 1982
side a: Rodolfo Y Su Típica – La Colegiala
side b:
Gabriel Romero – La Subienda
Cumbia is probably my favourite Latin-American rhythm, or at least one of them. It’s so laidback, almost lazy yet temperatures arise. I heard “La Colegiala” for the first time in the coffee ad it was used for years ago. It’s written by a Peruvian, Walter León, but Rodolfo Aicardi‘s is probably the most famous version. I like the B-side even more. I’m no cumbia expert and I don’t know anything about these people, nor can I find anything I can use so as to fake an in-depth knowledge of the genre and its artists, which is what I usually do. So I’ll leave you with the MP3s and the vid below.
Video of Gabriel Romero’s “La Subienda” played live.

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