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7-inch series, part 598

The Right Ons – I’m Waiting for the Man
label: Lovemonk
year: 2007
side a: I’m Waiting for the Man
side b:
Hey Ya! |
The Right Ons – Robert & Elo: The Wedding Tapes
label: Heart of Gold/2Fer/Lovemonk
year: 2009
side a: Come Around
side b: What’s Going on
7-rightons-roberto1.jpg  7-rightons-roberto2.jpg
One of my hang-ups is that there’s some songs that shouldn’t be touched by anyone but the original performer. I know. I’m working on it, but bear with me for a minute.
Velvet Underground songs, for example, or Marvin Gaye songs. Shouldn’t be touched. It’ll never be as good as the original, so why bother? But these guys are friends, especially one of them who’s a part-time colleague. So I have to keep an open mind on this one, even forgive them. And it’s not that bad a job they did. I wouldn’t have released the tracks as singles, but when played live during one of their pretty exciting gigs, I’ll dance to them.
The second single, the one with “What’s Going on” on it, I will not post the MP3s of, the reason being that it’s a very limited 7″ recorded especially for one of their friends’ wedding and handed out to the guests, and I don’t want to spoil it for them. You can listen to the track on their blog, if you really must know.
Video of The Right Ons playing live in London.

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