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7-inch series, part 597

Jonathan Richman And The Egyptian Lovers/Modern Egyptian Dance Band – Egyptian Reggae/Our Wedding Night
label: Jazzman
year: 2006
side a: Jonathan Richman And The Egyptian Lovers – Egyptian Reggae
side b:
Modern Egyptian Dance Band – Our Wedding Night
This is one of those typical DLHWI 45s – a surefire floorfiller always and everywhere. Well, except for that party I played at last week with brother Nava where nobody danced because they were too busy talking about themselves. A word of advice: don’t get yourself hired as a DJ at publicity agency’s parties.
Aaaaaaanyways. I had a friend in Amsterdam who was a huge fan of Jonathan Richman, so much so that it kind of prevented me from investigating and listening to his music. Every time he would play me one of his records I couldn’t properly hear the music because the guy was always shouting on top of it about how good Jonathan Richman was and how Jonathan Richman is a genius and how he ran into Jonathan Richman a couple of times because Jonathan Richman was living in Amsterdam apparently and Jonathan Richman was such a good guy and Jonathan Richman! Jonathan Richman! Jonathan Richman!
Only recently I re-discovered the man’s music but there’s still a lot of work to be done and records to be bought, because I dig it and I still don’t know half of it. This here 7″ is a reissue of the song originally released in 1977. It’s a version of rootsman Earl Zero‘s “None Shall Escape the Judgement” and it was probably Richman’s biggest hit in Europe.
The B-side is a curious little ditty. No idea where that comes from, maybe it really is Egyptian wedding music.
Video of “Egyptian Reggae” played live. Check out that cowbell!

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