7" muziq

7-inch series, part 596

Miguel de los Reyes Y Su Conjunto – Gitanos y flamencos
label: Regal
year: 1961
side a1: La violetera
side a2:
Niña Isabel
side b1:
Rumba popular
side b2:
I love this sleeve. Something about the colours and the way De los Reyes and his posse seem to be painted rather than photographed. The music’s not half bad, either. Flamenco puro y duro.
The man from Málaga (passed away ten years ago) enjoyed great successes both in Spain and in Argentina, and apart from singing he also acted in various films. Miguel de los Reyes was also the leader of the group called El Ballet de Arte español, of which the late great Camarón de la Isla was a member, at the tender age of fifteen.

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