7" muziq

7-inch series, part 594

Revenge Of The Carrots – Revenge Of The Carrots
label: Konkurrel
year: 1991
side a1: Hol-low Life
side a2:
side b:
Good old fashioned conscious punk from the Zaanstreek Punk Rock Ditrict, where all the good guys come from: The Ex, De Kift, Donkey, George Baker Selection, the Koeman brothers, to name but a few. ROTC played in the tiny studio where I used to do my show on Amsterdam FM, many, many moons ago. The noise! The friendly people! The noise! One of them, Pim, was in Donkey and is now going for world domination with both De Kift and The Bent Moustache, Bob and Jack are now with Stukadelics and Marco is the singer and taker care of business of De Kift. This single is the only one the band ever recorded.

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