7" muziq

7-inch series, part 593

Revelation Time – Captain Dread
label: Dureco
year: 1987
side a: Captain Dread
side b:
Love Is to Give
As you can probably tell from the record sleeve, “Captain Dread” is Ruud Gullit, the former captain of the Dutch national football team. Gullit had befriended the band and even played with them a couple of times, on bass, and he recorded a single with them, “South Africa”, and anti-apartheid song (he had already scored a modest Dutch hit in 1984 with his single “Not theDancing Kind”). “Captain Dread” got Revelation Time quite a bit of media attention and landed them a couple of gigs in Italy, when Gullit was signed by AC Milan. The single was mixed by Errol Brown – not Errol Brown as in Hot Chocolate, but as in Bob Marley‘s sound engineer at Tuff Gong.
Video of “Captain Dread” played live

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