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7-inch series, part 590

Lou Reed – All Tomorrow’s Dance Parties
label: Norton
year: 2000
side a1: Lewis Reed – Your Love
side a2:
Lewis Reed – Merry Go Round
side b1:
The Jades – So Blue
side b2:
The Jades – Leave Her for Me
Lou Reed – Caroline Says-l-ll
label: RCA Victor
year: 1974
side a:
Caroline Says-l
side b:
Caroline Says-ll
Lou Reed – Sweet Jane
label: RCA Victor
year: 1974
side a:
Sweet Jane
side b:
I Can’t Stand It
It was my brother from another mother Guuz H. who turned me onto Lou Reed. Ever since I was a wee boy I’d had this song popping up in my head and I never knew what it was until Guuz made me a tape right after we befriended eachother as two writers for the school magazine. “Walk on the Wild Side” was on it and I was so happy. Guuz and the other members of the brotherhood, particularly Erwin de H. and Pieter de G. proceeded to getting me hooked on all things Lou Reed, although I believe that Erwin, correct me if I’m wrong, was more of a John Cale man.
Anyways, I started listening to Velvet Underground and the other stuff its former members made after the group’s demise, but Lou Reed remained my favourite, even though John Cale might be more mysterious and therefor more interesting (also because he didn’t steal his own work after going solo). When I bought Berlin I played it the same night over and over again before falling asleep with the record still playing. The nightmares, the nightmares. It’s still my favourite Lou Reed album. And when I saw him live the first time I almost cried. Brother Guuz was there with me, it was at the Pinkpop fest of 1987. Was it raining? It probably was. Since that time I’ve seen him a couple of times, and every time I was afraid it would turn out to be a disppointment, because I was expecting so much of it. But so far he delivered the goods. I hope he will continue to do so – next week I’m going to see him perform alongside Laurie Anderson here in Madrid. Ooh.
The first single posted here contains four tracks by a young uncle Lou before joining Velvet Underground. He’s singing in the background on the two songs by The Jades, and these are actually the first ever recordings he can be heard on. It was 1958. The tracks by “Lewis Reed” are previously unreleased demos from 1962.
The other two singles contain Velvet Underground songs. The two “Caroline Says” are on Berlin, the live version of “Sweet Jane” is on Rock n Roll Animal and “I Can’t Stand It” is from his first solo album named after himself.
Video of “Sweet Jane” live in Paris 1974

2 replies on “7-inch series, part 590”

aaah, the good old days. as i remember it, it stopped raining when lou came on stage – just like it stopped raining 5 years later on the same festival, when lou said to the audience:”i made the rain go away. that is how powerful i am.”

Oh bugger I didn’t even remember I had been to that one as well until you mentioned it. What is wrong with my head? I just realised I only remember the 86-87 and 94 editions. And I have been to the ones in between as well. Pfff.

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