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7-inch series, part 588

Red Aunts/Claw Hammer – My Impala 65/Car Down Again
label: Gearhead
year: 1993
side a: Red Aunts – My Impala 65
side b: Clawhammer – Car Down Again

7-redaunts-clawhammer1.jpg 7-redaunts-clawhammer2.jpg

Red Aunts – Retard Jenny Jones
label: Sympathy For the Record Industry
year: 1994
side a1: Retard Jenny Jones
side a2: Fox Hole
side b1: Teach Me to Kill
side b2: Mean Streak

7-redaunts-teachme1.jpg 7-redaunts-teachme2.jpg

Memories of the days working at a certain record distributor, back when there still was a market for records that made it possible to actually make a living selling them. Red Aunts were operative between 1991 and 1998, Claw Hammer (whose singer/guitarist Jon Wahl is Red Aunt Terri Wahl’s husband) started five years earlier and finished two years later. One of the Red Aunts, Kerry Davis, is now The 2 Tears who you should check out ’cause she’s ace, while two of the Claw Hammers are now in The Adamans.

Video of Red Aunts – “Roller Derby Queen”

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