7" muziq

7-inch series, part 585

The Real Stallions – Lies
label: Harmoneum
year: 1986
side a: Lies
side b:
Do You Love Me
The Real Stallions were one of the two bands we booked for a fundraiser one night at our school, the other band being Jump! Dickie! Jump!, posted here (in Dutch). JDJ were “headlining” because they had a bit of a hit with “The World (Is Coming to an End)”, but The Real Stallions were the ones tearing the roof off the sucker with their repertoire of Beatles and other beat covers such as this one, originally by The Remo Four (witten by Colin Manley, who’s mistakenly credited on this single as “Hanley”). The B-side features The Contours‘ biggest hit, written by Berry Gordy Jr.
The band broke up in 1995 but MySpace tells me two of the former members (none of whom are playing on this single, mind) are now in a band called Best Cellar.

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