7" muziq

7-inch series, part 581

Raphael – Yo soy aquel
label: Hispavox
year: 1966
side a1: Yo soy aquel
side a2:
Es verdad
side b1:
La noche
side b2:
Hasta Venecia
I was doubting whether I should post this one, seeing as here in Spain you can hardly turn on the telly or open a magazine without this guy staring you in the face. We even find Raphael in our soup, as they say in the beautiful Spanish language. But it’s the next in line in these series, and befehl ist befehl so here it is.
I don’t remember when I bought this single, but it was because of the sleeve and the memory of hearing Raphael sing once with the kind of drama you find in Almodóvar‘s films. He represented Spain at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1966 with the title track of this single, and he might be the country’s most internationally known artist after Julio Iglesias and, err, Los Del Río? As I said, he’s all over the place these days, as he’s celebrating half a century on stage.

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